Ain’t No Party like a Summer Parking Lot Party


Does anyone know what happens when four powerhouse companies in Clear Lake come together to plan the ultimate end of summer party?

Here’s a hint – The Legacy Grill, Clear Lake Boats, Pritchard Family Auto Stores, and the Surf Ballroom are all in cahoots on this one.

I’d like to think it was something like an explosive eruption in the universe, causing a great big plume of awesomeness to rise into the sky.  That their brainstorm sessions conjured up such a plethora of fun it couldn’t be contained inside a building for fear it would blow the roof off.

That’s a lot of fun, folks. 

The outcome resulted in the party to end all parties.  The one we’ve been dreaming of all summer long, and the one everyone will be talking about through the entire winter.

The Last Call to Summer Parking Lot Party!!!

Ain’t No Party like a Parking Lot Party ‘cause a Parking Lot Party don’t stop!

Just typing that out right there made me giggle.  Like, full-on-excited-school-girl-giggle.

Because. It’s. Going. To. Be. Awesome.

The fun kicks off at 4pm on Sunday, September 4th.  In addition to food and drink specials at the Legacy Grill, there will be new boats, cars and trucks on display in the Surf Ballroom parking lot.

At 5pm, there will be live music by The Last Call Party Band.  They are a fun and entertaining group who play a variety of classic rock and country dance hits.  From KISS to Chris Stapleton, from Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Beastie Boys, dancing and singing along are highly encouraged.

As Labor Day often signifies the end of summer, their name is the epitome of this super-fun event.

And what better way to celebrate the conclusion of another AMAZING summer at the Lake, am I right?  I mean, I probably say every summer was the best one, but this one really kicked it up a notch.  There was live music left and right at all your favorite watering holes.  The restaurants knocked it out of the park with new items and fun ideas.  People came out in droves for Thursdays on Main and the 4th of July Extravaganza.

Boats dotted the lake on any given day, soaking up all the fun in the sun.  People rented unique golf carts and e-bikes from the new Lake Life rental shop on the corner of 8th and Main.  The Surf rocked their usual concerts on top of opening TWO incredible new restaurants for our many residents and guests to enjoy.

So yeah, I guess the term “going out in style” can definitely be put to use here.

Be sure to stop out on Sunday to celebrate another incredible summer at the Lake.  Knowing these sponsors pull out all the stops and go big in everything they do… it’s going to be one epic end of summer parking lot party!