Wrapping up another Season of Thursdays on Main


I’m not sure where to even start on how to describe the 2022 season of Thursdays on Main.  I suppose incredible is a good term.  Remarkable.  Maybe even extraordinary.

Week after week, people came out in droves.  They flocked to our beloved Main Ave and didn’t waste a single minute to soak up all the family fun.

Food trucks sold out of food.  Vendors sold crazy amounts of merchandise.

People ate, and drank, and danced in the street.

I still can’t even believe it’s legal to have THAT much fun week after week, ya know?

But the event doesn’t just pop up every Thursday out of nowhere.  Behind the scenes, our fearless events director, Trish Fundermann, and her trusty sidekick, Jenny Fasbender, worked day after day to ensure this event ran smoothly so our residents and guests could have all the fun.

Trish and Jenny have asked me to write a blog thanking ALL their happy little helpers and the sponsors who so graciously give their time and money to help pull off this spectacular event.

Here is the rundown of a thousand thanks (in no particular order):

Taylor Barragy, who volunteers her time to be Trish’s right-hand woman every Thursday.  Trish can throw anything her way and she’s up to the task to handle it. Thanks for being awesome, Taylor!

Kurt Harle & Brad Barber were an incredible help with keeping the garbage under control.  Not something fun to think of (or smell, for that matter) but when so many people come to one place it creates quite the mess.  THANKS, guys, for helping keep our community clean.

The Clear Lake Parks & Rec department are always on top of the ball when it comes to keeping City Park in tip-top shape every week.  Kudos to them for taking pride in their work and helping make this event such a success.

Lewis Callaway was an incredible help with the movie equipment.  Technology can be our best friend… until it’s not.  Thanks to Lewis for stepping in and helping us get everything perfect for the movie in the park.

Farmer’s State Bank gets a special shout out for street closure assistance each week.  And the Clear Lake Police Department, too, for tracking down folks to movie their cars off Main Ave.  It can’t be a fun job, but somebody has got to do it!

Thank you to all the vendors.  This was the first year we’ve ever had to instigate a wait list because SO MANY people wanted to come week after week.  Thank you for showing up and providing a fun shopping experience for everyone.

And the food truck folks, I hope you all took a giant nap after that season.  Ooftda!  You guys worked your tails off feeding hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people every single Thursday.  I’m sure you’re tired and by golly you’ve earned yourself a break!  THANK YOU for being such a bright light for this event.

We would also like to offer a special thanks to the Main Ave businesses.  We sort of swoop in and take over your territory every Thursday, so we want you to know how much we appreciate your patience and support.

Lastly, the sponsors.  What can I say?

There would be no Thursdays on Main without you.  No bands.  No movies.  Zero fun.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude that you take such pride in our community and support Chamber events the way you do.  Thank you for being amazing.

Cornerstone Sponsors:


Pritchard’s Lake Chevrolet

Stage Sponsor:

Clear Lake Boats

Entertainment Sponsor:

First Citizens Bank

Gold Sponsors:

Clear Lake Bank & Trust

CL Tel


Silver Sponsors:

Larson’s Mercantile


Bronze Sponsors:

Cookies, etc.

Bergland + Cram

Farmers State Bank


Skip’s Kicks

Ritz Rings & Things

MBT Bank

Midland Concrete

Veenstra & Kimm

Movie Sponsors:

MBT Bank



Bounce House Sponsors:

Hall Realty

Charlie Brown