Since I started this writing gig at the Chamber (five years ago this week!), it’s funny how people’s perception of me have changed.  Instantaneously, they think I’ve become this mecca of knowledge about all the events and activities happening around town.  I’m constantly asked, ‘when is that?’ or ‘what is that’ or ‘How do I sign up for…’

And truthfully, I really don’t know much (this is the one and only time you’ll ever hear me admit that).

But the things I DO know, are because I know where to find the information.

As I sat at some sort of sports practice or game or whatever it was recently, I overheard two women talking about an upcoming event.  I didn’t mean to be the creepy lady totally listening in on their conversation, but I couldn’t help but interject my small bit of knowledge.  I mean, I knew what time the event started.  I knew the scheduled line up of activities.  And, not to toot my own horn, but I’d just done a blog post on said event and was able to rattle off all the things they needed to know.

The one woman turned to me and said, “Wow, how do you know all this?”  And while I did fess up and tell her that I work with the Clear Lake Chamber, I also decided to use the moment to spread the word of how they, too, can know all the things happening around town.

So here it is, the easiest ways to find out what is going on in Clear Lake! Find the one that best fits how you like to receive information

  1. Did you know…
    … we send out an events email to over 3,000 people every Thursday? It’s a complete listing of events and meetings that includes dates, times, contact information, the website and cost.  It even has the current movie playing uptown.  If you’d like receive this email each week, sign up here!
    Also: Event Planners: Post your Clear Lake event for free on our calendar and it will be included* in our weekly events email! Just enter the details here.
  2. Did you know…
    …we have a community calendar?  If you go to you can even submit your own event!  If it’s on the calendar, it’ll be on AM Radio, the Events Line and included in the weekly events email.
  3. Did you know…
    … you can turn to AM Radio 1200 to find out the weekly events and activities? It’s updated every Tuesday morning by yours truly!
  4. Did you know…
    … Clear Lake has an events line you can call? Yup we do, thanks to CL Tel! It’s also updated every Tuesday morning.  That number is 641-357-7084.
  5. Did you know…
    … the Clear Lake Chamber LOVES social media and you can find us on many various platforms.

    1. Instagram: @clearlakeiowa
    2. Facebook: @ClearLakeAreaChamber and @ClearLakeIowa
    3. Twitter: @ClearLakeArea and @VisitClearLake

So there you have it!

Find us on Social Media, sign up for the events email.  If you’re unsure about what’s on the agenda around town for the week, give the Events Line a call.  There’s no reason why any event should pass you by without your knowledge.  Get up to speed on all things Clear Lake so you never miss out on the fun again!

See you at the Lake!


*(events are subject to review for inclusion)