Colored eggs and candy and Jesus – oh my!


The holiday of Easter is commonly known by Christians as the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he died on the cross at Calvary.  The entire week – Holy Week – is a sacred event where many people reflect on life, often fasting as they go deep into their religion to become stronger in their faith, and then rejoice in the revelation on Easter morning in the forgiveness of sins.

The resurrection of Jesus is essentially the foundation on which Christian religions are built, making Easter a significant event on the yearly calendar.

As with any Christian holiday, Easter had become increasingly commercialized over the years.  Corporations and their advertisers are aware of the amount of importance placed on attaching a fictional character to such a holiday, which led to the birth of the Easter Bunny.  In the 1700s, the character arrived in the United States by way of German immigrants.  As they settled in Pennsylvania, they continued their tradition of the “egg laying hare” by building nests for the creature to lay its colored eggs.

It has since evolved into the large white bunny we often see today.

Hopping along, this fluffy cottontail comes bearing bright-colored baskets filled with trinkets and toys for all the boys and girls to enjoy.  Many traditions are associated with the Easter holiday, upheld over the years by many families.  Some include dying hard-boiled eggs to color and hide, preparing the traditional feast of ham with all the fixings, and consuming copious amount of chocolate and marshmallow treats.

In Clear Lake, we’ve got the best of both worlds covered – the spiritual and the secular!

There are two opportunities for the youngsters to participate in an Easter egg hunt.

Oakwood Care Center Easter Egg Hunt – 400 Hwy 18 West

DATE: Friday, April 15th

TIME: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

WHERE: on the lawn

COST: FREE to the public

DETAILS: This event will take place on the front lawn.  Kids are encouraged to wear their Easter best for photos with the Easter Bunny.

Clear Lake Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt – 800 N 2nd Ave N (at Central Gardens!)

DATE: Saturday, April 16th

TIME: 10:00am – Noon

COST: FREE to the public

DETAILS: Bring your camera for photos with the Easter Bunny!  East age group will also have ONE golden egg available to find which wins you a fantastic gift basket