Can’t Buy Me Love

Can’t Buy Me Love


With Valentine’s fast approaching, it’s easy to get swept up with the holiday of love.  And while the Beatles often sang about the fact there is no monetary value on love… let me tell you, it can definitely nudge a girl in the right direction!

Children especially love this holiday as it means exchanging cards and candy at school.  While some super-creative people are out researching Pinterest to make colossal masterpieces for their children to hand out in class, I’m more of an easy-peasy Valentine giver.  Those pre-made concoctions found at any retail store are perfectly fine by me!

In the United States, about 190 MILLION Valentines cards are sent each year, not including the hundreds of millions of cards the school children exchange.

Valentines Day is a major source of economic activity in our country.  Last year, consumers spent 20.7 BILLION dollars on gifts for their loved ones.  This year, spending is projected to top 27 BILLION dollars.

That’s a lot of cards and chocolates, people!!

So, who’s spending all this money?  Well, younger people, mostly.  Still on the hunt, trying to impress a potential mate.  Studies have shown they’re more likely to splurge on Valentine’s Day than older, more settled folks.

And what are people buying?  Well, here’s a breakdown of the Top 5 Gifts:

Candy = 2.4 Billion

Cards = 1.3 Billion

Night Out = 4.3 Billion

Flowers = 2.3 Billion

Jewelry = 5.8 Billion

With people spending all sorts of money this week, I highly suggest looking to your local businesses for unique gift-giving ideas.

Eat local.  Shop local.  Support local.  It’s a win/win situation for everyone!

We put a call out to Chamber members last week, asking them to share any specials or deals going on for Valentine’s Day.  Here are the responses we received:

  1. American Solutions for Business
    1. For ALL of February, you can get the popular Bella + Canvas T-shirt for only $7.95 each!
  2. The Iowa Grill
    1. Grab your loved one some hand-crafted chocolates, toffee & cookies! They will be inside Willowbrook Mall on Feb 13th – Feb 15th!
  3. Larch Pine Inn
    1. They are hosting a Valentines Day Tea & Fashion Show featuring Clear Lake shops on Feb 16th at 1PM.
    2. Register by calling 641-357-0345 or email
  4. Larch Pine Inn
    1. On Feb 13th they will hold a Valentine’s Day Tea featuring Moorman Clothiers fashion show
    2. Register by calling 641-357-0345 or email
  5. Salvation Army
    1. 25% off ALL Red Items!!!
  6. South Shore Donut Company
    1. FREE Delivery to Clear Lake & Mason City ($10 minimum order required)
  7. Cookies Etc.
    1. Order your Personalized Cookies in advance OR visit the cash & carry table on 2/13 and 2/14!
  8. Newman Catholic School
    1. The High School Choir has a fun idea for your loved one… singing Valentines for only $25! Or a video singing Valentine for $15!
    2. Call 641-423-6939 to book yours today
    3. **This is for 2/13 as there is no school on Friday, 2/14**
  9. Air Choice One
    1. They are having a contest!!! All you do to enter is the following: Tag the one you love in their post on Facebook HERE --->  Tell us why you deserve the dinner for two. Write what town you live in and follow us on Twitter. We will pick the winner on Valentine's Day.
  10. Stellar Truck & Trailer
    1. 5% off floor liners for your car, truck or SUV. Offer expires 2/15.


There you have it, folks!  A great big, awesome list of options for your Valentine this week!

See you at the Lake, Lovebirds!



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