Because it’s a big deal… that’s why!


There’s something special about shopping at a small business.  A sense of adventure as you pass through their doors and begin to explore.  You just never know what beauties you’ll uncover, or the trinkets you may find.  In fact, I bet the perfect gift you’ve been searching for is right under your nose at a local shop in Clear Lake.

But you must shop small to find it!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Time can sometimes be of the essence.  Because of this, people often choose to patronize chain stores.  There, they know exactly what they’ll get and that gives them comfort.

But comfort does come at a price and that price could be our community.

Large employers and chains are vital to our area, but this holiday season we are asking you to support small business first to help ensure they are around in the coming years!

Here’s why:

  1. Small businesses need you. Many small businesses only have 27 days’ worth of operating expenses on hand.  Inflation, rising costs, hiring issues, and a slew of other challenges put our small shops at a higher risk for failure.  Where you spend your money this holiday season could affect which businesses will be here in the new year.
  2. It feels good to shop small. Supporting small business feels good because you can see the impact.  The smiles and gratitude you receive for shopping with a small business are special.  You can tell you’re making an impact and they often remember you when you return.
  3. Small businesses support your causes. They are the first ones we turn to when asking for support for our kids’ sports activities or nonprofit organizations.  Their sponsorships improve the quality of life in Clear Lake, but they can’t sponsor these causes if they’re not in business.
  4. Small businesses answer your questions. Sometimes the conversation that comes from speaking with small business professionals can lead to other opportunities, interests and stories.  That’s not usually the case when shuffling through a self-check line, bagging your own goods, and exiting the large store without having any human interaction.
  5. Small businesses give you an experience. Holiday shopping provides some of the biggest highlights of the year with seasonal aromas, delightful demos and happy melodies.  Even the most amazing website cannot give you the same tantalizing shopping experience that an in-person trip to your favorite small business can.
  6. Small businesses rely on your holiday spending. Many of our small businesses rely on holiday sales to offset the slower time of the year.  Being a tourist community, we depend heavily on those vacationers to make sales.  It can be a long winter season for many local businesses waiting for tourists to return.  So, how about the locals give them all a boost this holiday season?
  7. You can be a gift-giving wizard. Times are tight right now and many of us are cutting back on spending for gifts to cover the costs of the essentials.  While it’s natural to bargain hunt for the cheapest gift possible, you don’t want to forgo the holiday smiles as you present your loved one with the perfect gift.  Many small businesses provide unique, thoughtful items you can’t find elsewhere.
Shopping small this holiday season is a big deal.

And I mean BIG.

HUGE, even.

These past few years have been hard on our local economy.  Our small businesses need us now more than ever.  We challenge you to SHOP SMALL first this holiday season, right here in Clear Lake!