How to Use Rafflecopter

How to Use Rafflecopter

How to use Rafflecopter!


It's okay... there's no need to panic!!! Using Rafflecopter is a very simple way to get entered for the chance to win some amazing prizes.

STEP ONE – click the link in the article for the giveaway.  Often times it will say something like “click here to enter.”

STEP TWO – it will ask you to either log on using Facebook, or with your email address.  Click on the box you prefer.

STEP THREE – The giveaway page will appear, looking something like this….

STEP FOUR – click on the downward arrow to enter.  It will then prompt you to click another button to either: visit a Facebook page, leave a comment on the blog, or join an event mailing list.  By clicking the button, you’ll receive one chance to win the prize.  You can do one of these, or all of them… it’s your decision.

IF YOU ARE UNSURE if you’re entry was saved… in the upper right hand corner you’ll see 3 lines and then a downward arrow.  If you click the arrow, it will show your email address, and how many entries you have submitted.

If you have questions and concerns, please email and I help you the best I can.


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