If you Dare… They will Scare!


October hits a bit different for the spooktacular crowd in Clear Lake.  Many people love Halloween because it is an excuse to dress up and eat lots of candy.  Some enjoy the pumpkin spice infused food and drinks.  Then there are the ones who thrive on the thrill of horror, gore and everything that goes ‘bump’ in the night!  If you are the latter, The Nightmare – Haunted Hike is just the thing for you!

Located at 2532 South Shore Drive, this frightening attraction is filled with spooktacular creepiness guaranteed to scare you seven ways from Sunday.

I’ve never quite understood how people can make it through scary places like The Haunted Hike.  Personally, I can barely handle scary commercials.  I’m often the one covering my eyes (and ears) to prevent any of the scariness from seeping into my brain. I’m also the girl who checks behind the shower curtain every time I go into the bathroom in my house, just to be sure!

Don’t judge… you know you’ve done it!

Those people who live for the panic-driven thrill of the scare?  Well, there is a name for them: Horrorphile.  It’s a person who has a great love for horror films, books, and other scary things.

It turns out there are three types of horror fans.
  1. Adrenaline Junkies – they thrive on the rush and feel immediate enjoyment. When they are scared, the natural endorphins spike, creating a sense of euphoria.
  2. White Knucklers – they find a sense of personal growth upon completion of a scary event.
  3. Dark Copers – they experience both.

Being scared is a way to regain control over your emotions.  Seems a bit backwards – but it’s true! When the perils of life feel out of your control, a good scare can even be soothing.  Mostly, because you are in a controlled environment.

There’s also a human survival element that makes The Haunted Hike so appealing.

In the case of a real zombie attack or frightening apocalyptic event, it’s good to know how you’ll react. Recreational fear is a great way to gauge our preparedness and mentally rehearse strategies for dealing with a real-life horror situation.

Theoretically, anyway.

I mean, do we REALLY know what we’d do if we were being chased by a half-alive person?

The Nightmare – Haunted Hike has been cooking up some extra spooky scenarios for their upcoming season.  One is so scary; it will leave you spinning.  While another will literally creep up on you.  New sets and huge props are being built to ensure you have a scary, spooktacular time screaming your way through the hike.  That’s the only sneak peek you get though. All you thrill-seeking fright-lovers will just have to check it out for yourself.

So, when does all the terrifying fun begin?

The Nightmare – Haunted Hike will open their spine-tingling attraction from 7pm – 10pm every Friday and Saturday in October.  Halloween Night gets a special edition showing, as they will be open from 7-9pm that evening.

On the FIRST FRIDAY, there will be a discount for families at only $10 per person.  On the SECOND FRIDAY it will be Jason Voorhies night so only $13 per person.  Which is fitting, as the second Friday in October is Friday the 13th.


The rest of the evenings, it’s a mere $20 to get scared senseless.

So, gather your cronies and get over to The Legacy Ranch this October.  Nothing tests the bounds of one’s friendship like being scared out of your wits together. And, if you happen to get out alive, it’s a great bonding experience with your BFF’s.

See you at the Legacy Ranch. If you dare… they will scare!