Kudos to our many sponsors in 2022!


The start of a new year at the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce means we officially kick off another round of signature events.  Our Events Director, Trish Fundermann, with the assistance of Jenny Fasbender, work diligently throughout the year to make sure each event goes off without a hitch.  They are always looking ahead, ready for whatever comes next.  It’s their attention to detail, ensuring the public has the best experience they can, that makes every event run smoothly.

Which is not an easy feat, that’s for sure!

But it’s not just the logistical details they must nail down for these events to happen.  They also secure sponsorships from area businesses and community groups.

And boy, do we love our sponsors!

Their willingness to invest in community is what makes our events so spectacular.  Without them, there would be no Thursdays on Main every week.  The 4th of July would have to be scaled back immensely.  We would all have to find our own fun throughout the year.

The truth is – we wouldn’t be the premier Midwest Destination we are without our sponsors.

So, my focus today is on saying ‘thanks’ to everyone who stepped up to the plate and helped us knock 2022 out of the park.  You guys are rockstars in our book!  While it seems a silly little blog post isn’t even a smidgen of enough to show our gratitude, it’s a start, right?

THIS right here is why we push our shop local campaigns.  THIS is why we promote these places until we are blue in the face all year long.  Because THEY are the ones who support community.  They are there when we call on them without hesitation to step in and help.

When I first began compiling information for this post, I had a grand plan to include every sponsor for every event from the entire year.  It was going to be this magnificent, spectacular showcase to highlight each business.

Until I realized HOW MANY there were!

All I can say is ‘WOWZA.’

So, instead of creating a ginormous list, here are the links for each of our Signature Events.  Click on them and scroll down to see the list of sponsors.  Kudos to the many businesses who sponsor multiple events each year.  Y’all are just amazing!

And just so you know, over 161,000 people clicked on these links in 2022 as they searched our website for event information.  That’s A LOT of eyes seeing sponsorship logos over the course of the year!

Color the Wind

Earth Day

TRI Clear Lake

Thursdays on Main

4th of July

Harvest Festival

Christmas by the Lake

What you may not realize, however, is our signature events aren’t the only opportunity to promote your company through sponsorship.  We have a slew of possibilities throughout the year for businesses to showcase who they are and what they do by becoming a sponsor.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, check out our handy booklet here.  It showcases each networking event, how you can get involved, and the marketing benefits you’ll receive as a sponsor.

And, folks, when you stop into these businesses – be sure to say thanks!  Let them know how much you appreciate their dedication and investment in Clear Lake.  I guarantee your expression of gratitude will make their day!

Hats off to ALL our incredible sponsors from 2022.  Thanks for making it an epic year.  Now it’s time to look ahead for an amazing 2023!