One of the coolest National Days I have found yet – National Popcorn Day!

I thought I’d start with a brief history of the day, but unfortunately, there is not a single record of when the day started, or who was responsible for its creation.  What we do know, is that whoever came up with this airy celebration is a person with incredibly great taste!

Pun intended.

Popcorn was discovered in the Americas thousands of years ago.  I can only imagine the surprise the first time a kernel of corn overheated and exploded into a puffy cloud of crunchy deliciousness!  What’s even more incredible is that this tiny, yellow seed has such a POP of nutritional value.

Gosh, I can be funny sometimes.

Inside the kernel is a healthful, whole-grain, naturally low in fat and calories, gluten-free and non-GMO treat, which makes it great for today’s health conscious consumer.

That is… until you slather it in melted butter so thick it runs down your wrist as you plow handfuls into your mouth.

Don’t you judge me… you know you do it to!

And what comes to mind when you think of a bag or bucket of freshly-popped delightful goodness?


We are pretty darn-tootin’ lucky that we have such a beautiful facility to indulge in a cinema-tastic experience.  Lake Theatre is what some call a ‘Classic American movie theatre.”  Located in downtown Clear Lake, it’s cheaper than going to a multiplex, plus it has an added bonus – they serve beer!

Friday, January 18th, the movie switches to The Mule.  Inspired by a true story, it’s been hailed as “an absolutely beautiful portrayal of loss and redemption.”  Clint Eastwood is involved, so you know it’s got to be top-notch.

So enjoy!  Kick back and treat yourself to a cinema experience only small-town USA can offer and enjoy a steamy, piping-hot tub of popcorn delight, smothered in liquid gold.