Time to unwind!


Leave it to a nine-year-old to create a National Holiday meant for adults.  Sean Moeller of Michigan came up with the keen idea to create a full day where people are encouraged to kick back and chill.  While often confused with its close relative, National Slacker Day, Relaxation Day promotes stress relief through meditation and other relaxation techniques.

And we can all use a little stress relief, right?

To manage stress, a person needs relaxation.  This leads to a clear, calm mind.  Relaxation also breeds positivity and leads to better concentration.  Our crazy, chaotic lives can be overwhelming at times.  It’s easy to turn into one of those ‘Negative Nellies’ who barks at people and is constantly a hot mess.

Some days, I think it’s a bit of a competition as to who is busier.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as guilty of this as the next person!  When people ask, “How are you doing?” I rarely respond about my actual well-being.  It’s always, “We’re busy as usual!”

Being busy has just become a part of our culture.  It’s a way of life.

Like it’s a badge of honor or something.

So, thank you, young Sean Moeller, for coming up with the grand plan for National Relaxation Day!

The rule for today is to avoid doing anything stressful.  This can be a bit subjective and varies from person to person.  What may relax one person might incite panic and stress in another.

Thankfully, we have a variety of chamber members who can help!

Faith Hope & Love – Using Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), you can safely and gently release your limiting energy patterns of the past.  IET can empower and balance your life in the present, and helps you reach for the stars as you evolve into your future!

Gabrielson Medical Spa – With various services available from facials to hair removal to injections, you can get the best skin of your life! A calming message or rejuvenating facial will have you feeling calm, relaxed and ready to conquer the world.

Hair & Co. – Get your hair done – with a view!  Hair & Co. is a high-end, full-service salon on the North Shore of Clear Lake Iowa specializing in hair color.  Give yourself a little glow up – you deserve it!

Hairapy by Laura and The Perfect 10 Salon – It’s the ultimate 1-2 punch!  Hair AND nails in a one stop shop right downtown Clear Lake.  Let Laura work her magic on your locks before getting your nails in tip-top shape!  As a bonus, Laura is now offering facials as well.  Talk about relaxation!

Holistic Harmony – Wellness is their specialty.  They have herbal and alternative options to empower your life, launching you into a new level of physical and spiritual health.  You simply MUST stop in, enjoy a delicious tea, and peruse their many retail options for a definitive Zen lifestyle.

But wait… there’s more!

Just Breathe LLC – Sometimes a high level of stress in our lives can be because we need physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Jodi Isolini has conjured the perfect way to achieve all three using the power of breath.

Mindful Methods – Located on Main Avenue, Mindful Methods is a holistic and alternative health service who is inspiring others to awaken their spiritual connection and personal potential.  They have many wellness products, energy medicines and wholesome options to best serve the mind, body and spirit.

Muddy Lotus – Renata offers traditional table massage as well as Yomassage.  This unique blend of yoga and massage is meant for relaxation, but it’s also about connection.  Feeding your mind, body and soul.  Doing one hour of relaxation will grant you more mobility, calmer breathing, and tons of self-assurance.

StudioB – A luxury salon with master stylists!  They strive to give you the best luxury spa services, from hair cuts to extensions and everything in between.  Book your appointment today and let the stress roll away as you enjoy a glass of wine while being pampered.

Way back in the 1980s, a nine-year-old knew the importance of relaxation.  Yet we still run around, our bodies tied into knots filled with tension and stress.  Maybe it’s time we take a look at our lives and make a change.  To let all the bad energy out and breathe in good energy.

Happy National Relaxation Day!