Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

photocredit: discovernorthiowa.com


I think every child has the same crafty idea at some point; cut a diamond shape out of construction paper, glue a piece a string to one end and take it outside on a windy day.

As a kid, this seemed like the best idea ever.

Now, I don’t know about you… but these ‘kites’ of mine never flew.  They just flopped onto the ground along with all my hopes and dreams of seeing it soar in the wind.

Well, this weekend is your chance to see kites, real kites, like you’ve never seen before.  In all their splendor and grandness, the Color the Wind Kite Festival will showcase some of the largest displays right on Clear Lake.  Not only witnessing the flying of these massive, 40 to 60 feet monstrosities by their serious kite flyers, but the choreographed routines they perform to music.  These “kite dances” will take place periodically throughout the day.

Just this week, officials tested ice quality and gave the event planners, Larry & Kay Day, and the fifty kite flyers coming in from around the Midwest a great big thumbs UP!

As an added bonus, this spectacular event has garnered some incredible National attention.  Not only will CBS Sunday Morning be in Clear Lake to cover the event, but a slew of bloggers.  And just recently, the New York Times has taken interest in learning more about Color the Wind.

See?  Winter in Clear Lake is SUPER fun!!!

As an added bonus, the Clear Lake Arts Center will host a Meet the Kite Pilots Reception on Friday, February 16th from 5:30-7:30pm.  It’s a great chance to meet some amazing people and find out a little more about what goes into being a kite pilot.  On Saturday morning, from 9am to Noon, children are invited to the Arts Center to construct and decorate simple kites which they can take to the lake to the Color the Wind Festival and fly.  There will be 150 FREE kites given away at this event!

I am so excited of the growth and achievements of this events.  What a great way to show people around the country, and even the world, what a great little tourist town we have in North Iowa.

For additional information, contact info, and lots of amazing photos please go to www.colorthewind.org

See ya at the Lake!

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