Get Up… Get Out… Get Moving!!!

Get Up… Get Out… Get Moving!!!



When my children were little, one of their favorite things to do was go to the park.  My daughter could sit in a swing for hours while I pushed her and we sang songs.  Now that they’re a little older, our park activities have changed to playing catch with friends or participating in a game of touch-football.

Still, my kids LOVE going to the park.

What a fun coincidence that today is “National Take a Walk in the Park Day” AND the Chamber has a fun summer challenge to roll out!!

I lied… not a coincidence… we totally planned it this way.

Now, the little people living inside the internet who decided TODAY would be walk in the park day, probably didn’t think about us people up here in the North.  I mean, if you’re going to the park right now you might want to throw on a pair of snow pants and boots.  Apparently Mother Nature missed the memo that it’s technically spring now, and she can stop with all this nasty snow!

So what’s this challenge all about, you ask?

Well… it just so happens that the Clear Lake Park Challenge will begin on May 26th and run throughout the summer until August 18th.

To enter, share a picture on social media while you’re at the park.  It can be of your kids, of you, of a squirrel… whatever!  Just share it!  OR you can check in at the Park or put the park name as a hashtag on your post.

See?  LOTS of ways to enter the challenge!

Be sure to use these hashtags on your post:  #clparkchallenge #myclearlake #clearlakeiowa

This is how we will track the entries in order to pick the winners.

If you don’t have social media – no worries!!!  We’ve created this handy, dandy little card that you can pick up at the Chamber Visitor Center (it’s basically right across the street from City Park, so just pop in!).  NOTE:  cards will not be available until the challenge starts on May 26th.

Then all you have to do is mark off the parks you visit and turn the card back in to the Chamber by August 18th to ensure you’re entered in the Grand Prize Drawing!

You DO NOT need to visit all the parks to enter.  However, every time you go to the park, be sure to post about it and use the hashtags.  The more entries… the better chance at winning the grand prize!

Let’s get up, people, and get out and moving!!!  Pack a picnic. Gather the kiddos from your ‘hood and spend an afternoon burning off some energy at one of our amazing parks!

For a complete listing of parks in Clear Lake and where they’re located, click on the link below:

Ready… Set… GO!


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