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Harvest Festival – Pandemic Style

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay BY: RACHEL WUMKES I sure hope you dug those party pants out of storage, because rain or shine, Harvest Festival 2020 is happening on Saturday!! Before the big day is here, I thought it might not be a bad idea to give one final information unload.  A...
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Harvest Festival 2020 – I’ll Clink to That!

BY: RACHEL WUMKES If ever there has been a reason to celebrate, to really go all out and live life to the fullest… it’s now.  Not necessarily today, but it’s coming.  In fact, it’s just around the corner on October 3rd and, with some crafty planning and a detailed mitigation plan, it’s actually happening. HARVEST FESTIVAL!!!! Read more

What a Week!

BY: RACHEL WUMKES Does anyone else feel the buzz in the air?  That little ‘zap’ of electricity flitting through the atmosphere this week? The energy.  The excitement. It’s invigorating!! We’ve had an amazing week at the Chamber, to say the least. The highlight being the official kick-off of our fundraising efforts set forth by the Board of Directors.  It's...
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You Don’t Know What You’re Missing Until It’s Gone

Be 110% ALL IN with a $110 donation or another amount. Large or small, every contribution adds up to make a tremendous difference. You are helping your community while also maintaining the great tradition of Clear Lake’s events. Your generosity is very much appreciated.  Thank you for your continued support. Together, let’s be All in Clear Lake Read more