CLASS Car Cruise & Show a Hit in Clear Lake


As I began to work on today’s blog post, it took me all of three minutes to realize I know absolutely nothing about cars.  In fact, my knowledge pretty much starts and ends with “turn the car on, go forward, don’t run into things.”

And honestly, sometimes that is a bit of a stretch. 

It’s not the case, however, for the influx of car enthusiasts headed to Clear Lake this weekend.  They live and breathe for these beauties.  In fact, many pride themselves on the restoration that brought them back to life.

What began as an idea for a car club in Clear Lake in the early 1980s has grown to become one of the most anticipated car shows in the North Iowa area.  The event has grown year have year, as car aficionados come from far and wide to participate in the incredible experience.  Hundreds of cars will cruise around the lake on Friday night, capping the evening off with music and dancing with Jason D. Williams at the Surf Ballroom.

During the cruise, you’ll see a mixture of Classic and Antique cars as they peruse by for spectator enjoyment.

In case you’re wondering (like I am), for a car to be deemed “classic” it must be 20+ years old.  This means most vehicles manufactured in 2000 or earlier.  This classification encompasses a lot of muscle cars and sports cars which likely have a 6-7 speed manual transmission.

An Antique Car, however, is one manufactured in 1975 or earlier.  Many of these are “survivors” meaning they’ve been plucked from the trenches of despair and restored to their original beauty.  These types of cars aren’t commonly used for pleasure drives.  They are mostly kept for car shows and the like.  While many certainly can drive on the road, they’re often trailered and brought to special events.  Especially the older end of this type of vehicle.

Turns out, your favorite Clear Lake blogger falls right in the middle of “classic” and “antique.”


There’s one more classification – the vintage car – which is not often seen.  These are vehicles manufactured between 1919 and 1930.  They have become exceedingly hard to find over the years and are likely not able to be driven on the road.  If you happen to see one, consider yourself lucky, because they just aren’t around much these days!

There you go… so now on Friday night when you are sitting along the Lake to watch the car cruise with friends, you’ll be able to identify some of these types of cars.

Trust me, you’ll be the life of the party with all your “gearhead” knowledge and such!

On Saturday, the Car Show begins with registration from 8 – 11:30am.  There will be a DJ to provide some rockin’ tunes throughout the show, which officially begins at NOON.  The awards ceremony begins at 3:30pm in City Park, with a Poker Walk Drawing immediately following awards.

But wait!  There’s more!

Stick around beautiful downtown Clear Lake, because The Hepperly Band is going to put on a show in the bandshell from 7-11pm.  They are “North Iowa’s Best Variety Band” and will be playing all your favorite hits.  So, bring your lawn chair, pack a cooler, and meet up with some friends for an amazing night in City Park.

It’s time to “gear up” for another fabulous weekend at the Lake, my friends.

See you there!