On February 15, 2020,  something remarkable will take place in Clear Lake.  Something unique.  And if this will be your first time in attendance, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Hundreds of people will flock to the frozen oasis, carefully trudging over ice and through the snow, to see the most spectacular display of kite-flying around.

The Color the Wind Kite Festival came to fruition from the minds of Larry and Kay Day.  Larry, an avid kite flyer himself, decided the winter kite festival would be the perfect addition to the slower-than-normal months during the winter at the Lake!

And boy, was he right!

The festival is a big hit for everyone.  Young or old – seasoned kite flyer or newbie to the hobby.  The display of color, the sheer size of some of these kites, and the incredible choreography of the musical numbers are really something to behold.

All in the most amazing setting.

Which, I know that Polar Vortex was kind of a doozy, but it did really help make some great ice!

So what should you expect at the Color the Wind Kite Festival?  Well… expect to be dazzled, that’s for sure!

Be prepared for LOTS of extra people in town.  Parking will be a bit of an issue, so they’ve added additional parking at Clear Lake High School again this year.  The shuttle, courtesy of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, will be running to and from the school to the seawall downtown and back.  The trolley will run from 10AM to 4:30PM.

Incidentally, this IS a winter event in Northern Iowa.  The temps will be very cold, so please dress accordingly.  Layers will be your best friend, along with a heavy coat, hat and gloves.  And the thing you may not think of – sunglasses!!!  The crisp, white snow is almost blinding at times, so to avoid a day spent squinting at the kites, bring your shades.

If you’re hungry, Smokey Heights will be on site with their food truck between the flying field and the Lakeview Room.  Also, be sure to check out our amazing array of eateries on Main Street.  They’ll be open for business and ready to serve you!

If you just need a little snack, stop in to the Lakeview Room for some goodies, home baked by a local Relay for Life team.  While you’re there, you can pick up a kite of your own from the Route 66 Kit Shop!

To hear more about the Color the Wind Kite Festival, listen HERE to our podcast with event coordinator, Larry Day recorded in February 2019!

Have a great rest of the week, Clear Lakers, and we’ll see you out on the ice in February!