Introducing… the Boat Drunks!!


As I’m sitting here pondering the next group to highlight for the Island Fever Showcase, I came across this group call The Boat Drunks.  Now… they had me hook, line and sinker by the sheer awesomeness of their name alone.  I mean, talk about finding your Spirit Animal.

For real. 

I’m DYING to know how they came up with the name.  I envision a group of guys sitting around an open fire on the beach, watching the sun sink down into the horizon, drinking cold Corona’s and having a jam session when the idea for The Boat Drunks strikes like a flash of lightening.

Am I close?  If not… I give you permission to tell people it went down like that.  

The group originates from Champaign, Illinois and has been playing together for the past eighteen years!  That in itself is an incredible feat.  They have performed from coast to coast with nearly every member of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band.  They’ve also opened shows for some pretty incredible acts:  Jimmy Buffett, The Beach Boys and Little Feat to name a few.

Their set includes many favorite Buffett hits which they love to cover, and are always crowd pleasers.  They also perform a slew of random covers ranging from Little Feat to Johnny Cash to the Beatles and so many more.  But they’re not just copycats… no way!  The Boat Drunks have FIVE studio albums of their own original hits.

That’s a lot of music, folks!

The Boat Drunks also perform at many Parrot Head venues across the country and their original songs have been played on Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville on Sirius/XM Channel 24.

One of the group members, Howie Golub, is considered to be a master on the harmonica and will be playing all weekend during the Island Fever Showcase.  In fact, he plans to sit in with many of the other bands performing over Labor Day weekend at the Surf Ballroom and jam during their set.

It’s Trop Rock, you guys, and there are no rules on the island!

Another band mate, Michael Miller, plays lead guitar for The Boat Drunks and also does vocals.  He wrote what many enthusiasts of the genre think is the greatest Trop Rock Song of all time, called Hollow Man.  Michael is currently battling a rare form of leukemia, so we’re sending him warm wishes and good island vibes for a speedy recovery to kick cancer’s butt so he can join in the fun at the Surf Ballroom.

Have you bought your tickets yet to the Island Fever Showcase?  What are you waiting for!?  Get ready to Trop Rock & Roll at the world famous Surf Ballroom.  It’s going to be an event y’all DO NOT want to miss!