Never miss an event again!

**Updated blog from Oct. 23, 2019**


Planning events is often a daunting task.  Not only are you bombarded with all the decisions regarding theme, color scheme, food, entertainment, but there’s also the added stress of getting people to show up for said event.

It doesn’t matter if your business is hosting an open house celebration or a simple gathering, getting butts in seats is the biggest obstacle.

And what’s worse is being a consumer who realized they’ve missed a super-amazing event at their favorite establishment, all because they didn’t know about it!

An obvious answer for both the event planner and the consumer is simple – The Community Calendar!  If you are hosting an event in Clear Lake, whether you’re a Chamber member or not, you are welcome to put the information on the calendar.

As a benefit to our Chamber Members, if they are hosting an event outside of Clear Lake, they are welcome to post to the calendar as well.

Here’s how:

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Hover over the ‘Events’ near the top of the page until a menu drops down

Step 3 – From the drop down, click on Calendar

Step 4 – On the right side of the page click on Submit New Event

Step 5 – Fill out the form

**NOTE:  Using complete, accurate and concise information is best.  Be thorough, but you do not need to write a novel about your event.  Keep it simple and to the point!

Step 6 – Click the box ‘I am Not a Robot’

** Unless you are, indeed, a robot, which would just be weird.

Step 7 – Click ‘Submit for Approval’

Once approved, your event will appear on the calendar of events.  In doing so, you will also be included in the weekly “What’s happening at the Lake” email which is sent to over 4,000 people every Thursday!

Incidentally, please note that if the event is not on the calendar, we have no way of knowing of its existence and thus, it will not be included in the events email.  To maximize the number of eyes who see your event or activity… get it ON the calendar!!

Now that we’ve learned this much, what if you just want to know what’s going on around town?

You’re tired of seeing pictures and awesome posts on social media about all the fun your friends had last weekend, when you had no clue such activities even existed.  Well, the solution is easy.

First – sign up for the events email.  It’s incredibly simple.  In fact, I can do it FOR you!  Just send an email to stating your first and last name and I’ll get you added lickety-split!

Also, I will soon be posting the link to the weekly events email on our various social media pages.  To guarantee you’re up to date on all things Clear Lake, be sure you’re a fan!

Clear Lake Chamber =

Clear Lake, Iowa =

Join our group!  Shop Local Clear Lake =

You can also tune in to AM1200 or call our events line at (641) 357-7084 as each are updated with current events each Thursday morning.

Or, you can simply go to our website and check the calendar of events.

Here’s how you get to the calendar:

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Hover over the ‘Events’ near the top of the page until a menu drops down

Step 3 – From the drop down, click on Calendar

Step 4 – Notice the month at the top.  To change, simply click on the >> to proceed ahead

Step 5 – To learn more about an event, click on it.  Any pertinent information will appear related to date, time, location, etc.

There you go, the most foolproof way to be “In the Know” about anything and everything going on around Clear Lake.