Pre-Sale Bags Available NOW


Harvest Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year in Clear Lake.  Some might even say it has become the official kick-off to the fall season.  Women come from miles around to enjoy live music, shopping, and wine.

Sounds amazing, right?

While the summer months offer a slew of activities and fun at the Lake, there’s something special about the change of seasons.  Each day begins with cool temps before the sun gives a last-ditch effort to warm us up in the afternoon.  Holding on to summer, it tries to keep us basking in the glow of its beauty.  But alas, it simply cannot hang on.

And so, we slip into Autumn.

Where the leaves turn from a vibrant green to hues of orange before falling to the ground.  The heat and humidity give way to a crispness in the air.  A chill, almost.  And the kiddos go from the lazy days of summer back to school.

That last one is my favorite, not going to lie!

Right up there, however, is the annual Harvest Festival celebration.  Touted as the “Ultimate Girls’ Day” this event has reached a level of epic proportions.  It’s a day filled with live music, delicious wine samples, shopping, friends, and more!

Harvest Fest is that one day where we get to just let go and have fun.  Rain or shine, you’ll find gaggles of girl gangs having the time of their life.  Smiling.  Laughing.  Sipping the day away with their girlfriends.

And, honestly, who can resist the first time you get out those cute sweaters and boots for the season?

I mean… right?  It’s THE BEST.

Forget hot girl summer, ladies.  When that whole vibe of “It’s Fall, Y’all” hits, I am IN HEAVEN!!  Cute jeans, fun sweaters, adorable boots – Oh My!  I’ll be the first in line.

But Harvest Festival attire is another blog post for another day.

TODAY is all about getting on the phone, on Facebook or Insta, and gathering up the girls to start planning.  Send out a Snap Chat or start a group text.  Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors.  The more the merrier, honestly.

First up on the planning agenda – get those Harvest Festival bags ordered!!

Just like last year, they will only be on sale until August 31st.

**STOP** Read that one more time. 

Just like last year, they will only be on sale until August 31st.

Got it?  Because there won’t be much of an option if you forget.  We may have a *few* extra, but it will be very limited.

We do the pre-orders by then as it is the drop-dead date to get items ordered.  As the majority of our attendees are women, I know you’ll understand when I say we are attempting to eliminate excess.  By doing the pre-order, we can purchase the correct number of items for each bag.

For you – it means there is no time to dawdle.  You cannot hem and haw about this decision, ladies.

Make the choice, pull the trigger, get the bag ordered.  It’s as simple as that!

And stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about the amazing vendors you can expect, the live music line-up, and the wine/beer tasting stations.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek behind the scenes.  A tiny little snippet of what’s to come…

In addition to many of the great wineries you’ve seen at Harvest Festival in the past, we have commitments from FIVE new ones!

Also, I can tell you that Gen X Jukebox will play on the main stage in the afternoon.  They are a Minneapolis based band covering all the 90s favorites! They do songs from all the genres: Hip-hop, pop, rock, rap and country!

With multiple costume changes throughout their shows, they put on a high energy performance of all the most awesome songs from the 1990s.  Literally.  All of them.

They are going to be SO MUCH FUN.

The clock is ticking, my friends.  To enjoy the ultimate girls’ day in beautiful downtown Clear Lake, get your Harvest Festival bag purchased today!