The Impact of Supporting Local Non-Profits

In a world that can seem dominated by commercialism and consumerism, Giving Tuesday stands out by encouraging people to shift their focus from receiving to giving. This global movement takes place on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and uses the power of social media to inspire acts of generosity. While there are many worthy causes to support throughout the world, one of the most impactful ways to make a difference is by backing our local nonprofits.

The Power of Local Impact

Our local nonprofits play a crucial role in building strong communities. They address specific needs and challenges faced by the people in your neighborhood. By supporting these organizations, you contribute directly to the well-being of our community and help create a positive ripple effect.

Why Giving Tuesday Matters:

Giving Tuesday serves as a reminder that the holiday season is not just about receiving, but also about giving back. It provides an opportunity for communities to come together and make a collective impact. By participating in Giving Tuesday, you become part of a global movement dedicated to making the world a better place.

How you can make a difference:!
  1. Volunteer Your Time or Services.
  2. Engage with the Organization on social media.
  3. Forward an E-Blast or Newsletter to a Friend.
  4. Buy Tickets to an Upcoming Event.
  5. Donate Financially.
  6. Corporate Giving. This can involve matching employee donations or supporting a local nonprofit as a company.
Supporting Local Nonprofits:

When deciding where to direct your generosity on Giving Tuesday, consider the local nonprofits that tirelessly work to address the unique needs of your community. Here is a list of  the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s Non-Profit members that would appreciate your support:

Clear Lake Pickleball Club

Mollie’s Mission

Mason City Youth Hockey Fundraiser

Veterans Memorial Golf Club

Clear Lake Arts Center

CL Evening Lions

Clear Lake Noon Lions

One Vision (including General StoreGlen Oaks Community & Boyer Pool and Wellness Center)

North Iowa Events Center

Surf Ballroom & Museum

Surf Music Enrichment Center

United Way of North Central Iowa

Cerro Gordo County Farm Bureau

Clear Lake Fishing Club

Farmers Market – Clear Lake

Clear Lake Yacht Club

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa

Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake

Clear Lake Area Concert Association

Kinney Pioneer Museum

CLASS Car Club

Mason City YMCA

IOOF Home and Community Therapy Center

Lake Town Charlie Brown Preschool & Child Care

Central Gardens of North Iowa

Ventura Gun Club

YSS Francis Lauer

Habitat for Humanity North Centra Iowa

Elderbridge Agency on Aging

43 North Iowa

Northern Lights Alliance for the Homeless

Wright on the Park, Inc.

Clear Lake Historical Society

Rotary Club of Clear Lake

Clear Lake Jaycees

North Iowa Music, Arts & Pageantry Inc.

North Iowa Touring Club

Greater Iowa Youth for Christ

Share Life – Share Shop

Community Health Center of Mason City

United to Serve with passion and Purpose

Clear Lake Booster Club

IFCA (Interfaith Fellowship for Community Action)

Salvation Army

Midwest Sled Fest

Kiwanis Club of Clear Lake

North Iowa Children’s Museum

Cerro Gordo Clean Energy District

Giving Tuesday is a reminder that we have the power to create positive change in our communities. This year, let’s come together to make a lasting impact on the place we call home. After all, the spirit of giving knows no boundaries when it comes to creating positive change right in our own backyard!