What would be included in your dream girl’s day?  Would there be shopping?  Wine?  Maybe a bit of live music?

All three of those map out the ultimate day of fun in my book.  Especially if you throw in some tasty food options and a goodie bag filled with awesome swag!

That right, friends, I’m talking about the upcoming Harvest Festival in Clear Lake.

I can’t even put into words the level of excitement I feel for this day.  Especially this year.  Looking back at our time spent cooped inside the house this spring, the countless cancelled activities and plans since March, the endless disappointment that seems to pop up around every corner – it’s time for some fun.

And fun we shall have!!

First up, while the VIP bags have been completely sold out, there are a few general Survival Kits left for sale.  Pop on over to to order your Survival Kit.  Trust me, the goodies inside are SO worth it!

For those of you already coordinating your ultimate day of fun, here are a few things about the day to help in your game plan.

SHOPPING:  The vendor fair is open from 9am – 4pm.  You can browse over 70 vendors, each spaced out for socially distanced shopping.  Items range from popcorn and donuts, to skin care regimens.  Crafts, flowers, rock creations and other artistic masterpieces for decorating your home and garden will be available.  You can buy books, Tupperware, and even Zyia athletic wear!  Seriously, the list goes on and on and on of awesome vendors!

WINE TIME:  It’s no secret how much we all love the wine vendors.  I mean, little samples from noon – 4pm while we shop?  It’s the greatest idea ever!  As of right now, we have verbal commitments from the following wineries and breweries.  I suggest you do a bit of Facebook stalking to familiarize yourself with their products before the event.  You can’t be over-prepared for something like this!

I’ve linked each of their Facebook pages below.  Click – like – stalk!  Easy as pie.

LIVE MUSIC:  There’s nothing quite like listening to live music whilst strolling through the outdoors.  To fully engulf the full-on effect of the awesomeness of Harvest Festival in its entirety, there must me music wafting through the streets!  Here’s the lineup:

  • At Zion on Main
    • Last Minute Combo – AM
    • Nova Jazz – PM
  • At the Bandshell
    • Bruce Day & The Dangits – noon to 4pm
  • At Tap’d
    • Jarno Solo – starts at noon
  • At the Lady of the Lake
    • Mockingbirds – 1pm to 5pm

As always, we wouldn’t be able to hold this incredibly wonderful day of fun without the continued support and backing from our amazing sponsors.  Be sure to tell them ‘THANKS’ next time you stop into these businesses!

CL Tel

First Gabrielson Insurance Agency




Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Also, for these sponsors who so graciously supported our musical acts throughout the day.  We appreciate your support.  Thank you for believing in these talented musicians, and for your commitment to the betterment of Clear Lake as a whole.

Rookies, Sevens and Tap’d

First Citizens Bank


Country Meadow Place

Farmers State Bank


We’ll see ya next weekend at the Lake!  Bring a friend.  Bring your mom.  Bring the neighbor lady down the street!  Just make sure you get there to enjoy ALL the fun!