January is hard, you guys.  Not only are we coming off the high of Christmas and New Year’s, trying to find our new reality in a world where we must eat actual meals instead of party-time junk food for days on end, but it’s like the longest month.

Of.  All.  Time.

I know it’s technically only 31 days, but I feel like it has taken a year to pass.  Probably because I’ve been holed up in my writing cave, with only the dreary grayness filtering through my window.  Drowning me in the despair of an endless winter.  My pasty-white skin longs for the warm kiss of the summer sun, my soul hopelessly yearning for some lake time fun.

Okay, that might be a tad over-dramatic. 

So today, I have my space heater cranked on high with the door shut, keeping all the extra warmth inside my cocoon, listening to some island jams and dreaming of warmer climes. Yes, there’s been some impromptu dancing.

Don’t judge… it helps the process.

During my latest dance break, do you know what came to mind?  Thursdays on Main.

I cannot wait for Thursdays on Main to come back.  Live music, warm air on my face, an ice-cold beverage from Rookies, shoveling a walking taco into my gullet while I stand in line for a tasty treat from the DoCo.

I have goosebumps, people, goosebumps.

So, what can you expect this year at our fabulous weekly event?  Well, food, of course.  Clear Lakers love them some tasty foods, and Thursday on Main will have a wide variety of options for your culinary pleasure.  And entertainment.  There is definitely no shortage of awesome acts to set up in front of the VFW for your viewing experience.

Great news for everyone… the movie in the park is back in full force this year!  Except for the first two weeks of the event (because there’s still school and the little buggers need their sleep) there is a movie booked for every single week.


And the icing on the cake for each Thursday, the piece de resistance, so to say – LIVE MUSIC!!!!

You will find some old favorites taking the stage this year, as well as new talent we’ve never seen around town before.  Here’s a listing, linked to their Facebook page or website so y’all can check them out beforehand.

The Mockingbirds – May 21st & August 20th

Bear Creek Band – May 28th & July 30th

Come Back Buddy – June 4th

GRIN – June 11th

Kurt Allen Band – June 18th

Acoustic Rapport – June 25th

4th & Maben – July 9th

The Planetpassengers – July 16th

Betty & The Gents – July 23rd

Midwest Rock & Soul Revue – August 6th

Hwy 9 – August 13th

Hang tight, Clear Lakers.  We just need to make it through a few more months of this cold, gray awfulness.  It won’t be long before green grass begins to peek through the snow, the ice melts over our frozen oasis, and fun hits the streets of downtown Clear Lake for the summer on Thursday nights, sailing us into the weekend.