Clear Lake’s 2024 July 4th Parade theme is “Waves of Freedom” honoring CL TEL.

Clear Lake’s July 4th Parade is taking on a special significance this year as CL TEL steps into the spotlight as the Grand Marshal. The theme for the parade, “Waves of Freedom,” captures the deep-rooted community involvement that our local telecommunications company has fostered for generations.

“There are so many other candidates for this, and sincerely we’re really lucky in Clear Lake to have all kinds of individuals, all kinds of companies who contribute in the community regularly, so we’re humbled and surprised and bashful, but we deeply appreciate it,” said Jan Lovell, President of CL TEL.

Community Involvement

With 29 full-time, five part-time and two seasonal employees, CL TEL has always emphasized community involvement. This spirit of giving back is deeply ingrained in Lovell’s family history. After exploring other parts of the country, Jan and Tom returned to Clear Lake and became active in community service.  “My grandparents and parents always said it’s so important to give back to the community,” Lovell shared.

As the company evolved throughout the decades, so has its workforce. “We have hired a lot of additional people in different skill sets,” Lovell noted, emphasizing their commitment to advancing local infrastructure, with Clear Lake and Ventura now enjoying 100 percent fiber connectivity in business and residential areas.


CL TEL’s involvement doesn’t stop at providing telecommunications services; they are deeply embedded in the fabric of the community. As the longtime sponsor of Family Fun Day, their volunteer efforts and sponsorship support extend throughout the region. “I think it’s really important for companies to step up and contribute back and we’ve also through the years volunteered a ton,” Lovell affirmed. “That’s one thing that we love to encourage, all the team members to participate and to volunteer for community groups, for events, for activities!”

Led by the Lovell family, CL TEL isn’t just a telecommunications company; they are a cornerstone of the community, bringing top-notch internet and telecom services while fostering a strong sense of civic duty. The Lovells’ commitment to keeping kids safe online, fighting against trafficking, and promoting effective online time management highlights their use of technology for the greater good. Their team is actively involved in various local initiatives, including Chamber committees and Earth Day activities, underscoring their dedication to preserving Clear Lake’s natural beauty.

Waves of Freedom

As Clear Lake gears up for this year’s festivities, the presence of CL TEL as Grand Marshal is a testament to the company’s enduring dedication to community service and its pivotal role in the town’s history and future. The “Waves of Freedom” parade will not only celebrate the nation’s independence but also honor the community spirit that makes Clear Lake a truly special place.

In a world where businesses often focus solely on the bottom line, CL TEL stands out for their genuine love for the community and their people. This heart, coupled with their innovative approach to technology and community involvement, makes them an exemplary model of corporate responsibility and a deserving Grand Marshal for this year’s parade.

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