Why Clear Lakers Choose to Shop Locally

Why Clear Lakers Choose to Shop Locally

Shopping locally is important to our community. Here are some reasons why Clear Lakers choose to shop at local businesses:

The window display at j avenue shines beautifully at night.

The window display at j avenue shines beautifully at night.

Loni D. I think it is important to shop local because it makes our communities thrive. The money stays in the area and helps our local business owners stay open. If there is a local store you just LOVE! Go there when looking for things. Chances are the products will be more unique and one of a kind...and made with love! Also go there often because they need our support and you'll be sad if your favorite local store disappears and you think "I should have gone there more."

Ciar C. As someone who works in a locally owned shop, you get a chance to develop relationships with your clients. Even if they are only summer visitors, they remember you.  Having a community of local shops keeps money circulating and bringing people back more and more, because they realize that local ownership means one of a kind service and products.

Krista H. The loyalty factor can greatly influence the bottom line for any business. A community that supports each other not only improves the bottom line it will strengthen the community. Clear Lake has always been an example of a strong community.  Not just in business but every neighborhood . I can't think of a time when there was a dire need in the community that went unnoticed, I love Clear Lake.

Linda M. Shopping locally supports our community. Shopping locally puts money back into the community.

John E. Be part of the community.

David S. I shop local to support my neighbors, not Wall Street.

Steven S. Shopping locally keeps small businesses healthy. Each of us can often find a product costing less at a big box store or online, but that trend will lead to the demise of locally owned businesses.  When the difference in price is not huge, buy local.

Susie N. I shop local whenever I can. I appreciate having the local stores when I need them and in order to have them I need to make it a priority to shop them. Shopping local keeps us local.

Julie M. Shopping local is all the things stated above; but, it's more. Shopping local is going into Larson's Mercantile and having Al ask where my little ones are and Shelley ask how our family is doing. Shopping local is seeing a movie at the Lake Theater and knowing that Mrs. Sherman will be there to sell me a ticket and her sons will be manning the concession counter. Shopping local means that people that live and own businesses right here in our community can thrive in our community and be here for generations to come to hopefully provide services for my future family members yet to come. That's why I shop local - so my kids can have the same kind of childhood that I had

Michelle H. By shopping LOCAL you get the BEST Customer Service!

Jill W. I like to shop local to support the people who live here and keep the money on our area. Nice to deal with people you know and trust.

Why do you shop locally? Let us know in the comments below!

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