Neighborhood Block Party Meets Street Fair

Neighborhood Block Party Meets Street Fair

By: Donna Hup,

Growing up I loved when our small neighborhood would get together on holidays and have a block party. We would each bring a dish and there would be music playing. Sometimes we'd just plan one on a weekend that didn't have a holiday because they were so much fun.

Clear Lake's Thursdays on Main remind me of that sense of community. They're so much more than a neighborhood block party though. In fact it's more like a neighborhood block party meets street fair!


It's a great way to start off your weekend a little early. Thursdays on Main run for 11 weeks in 2016 and they have so many various activities. There are things to do for both the young and old. I've been on several Thursdays with friends and we always find something new.

The event was created so that local shops downtown could stay open late and they do. You can walk up and down the sidewalk to check out the local shops.  There's also Open Air Vendors and a Farmer's Market.  You can find gifts for yourself and others as well as things you didn't even know you needed, but must have.  I absolutely love supporting our local vendors.


The local restaurants are open for business too as well as numerous food trucks.  The food trucks serve bbq, steak sandwiches, nachos, ice cream, maid rites, burgers, dogs and more! There's something good to eat everywhere you turn.


Just past the markets and food trucks you can find tons of cool classic cars.  They're out on display and you can even talk to the folks that own them.   It's like having an antique car show every week.

There's even entertainment provided as you walk up and down Main Street.  Every week is different and it's all local entertainment - singers, dance troupes, bands, karate, and more.  It's fun to see the kids get involved as performers and spectators. Some of the locals bring their chairs to watch the bands and you can see little ones dancing the night away.


In the picturesque park on Main Street they have all sorts of activities for kids such as laser tag, bounce houses, balloons, and more.  There are even  Main Street Trolley Rides and Kiddie Train Rides.  It's a full scale street festival every week!

Then to top off the whole evening, they end the night with a movie in the park under the stars at the bandshell.  Families bring chairs and blankets and they watch a movie together. All the movies are family friendly.

If you're in Clear Lake you simply must check out Thursdays on Main!

Donna Hup lives in Northwood, IA and writes over at She writes about cooking, traveling, entertainment, and truck driving. She's an influencer on social media working with companies like Disney, ABC, Kraft, Wal-Mart, and more.

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