Lake Leadership talks Banking & Economic Development in October Session

Lake Leadership talks Banking & Economic Development in October Session

Lake Leadership started the 2016-2017 session on October 19th with Banking, Finance, & Economic Development Day.  Here's a recap of the day's activities, and feedback from the class.


Plane rides are a popular feature of economic development day.

Our class of 18 began the day at Best Western with CL Chamber presentations from Tim Coffey (CEO) and Trish Fundermann (Special Projects Director), highlighting our mission, events, programs, and tourism.

“…never knew much on the Chamber’s role in the community”

“Good info for a non-native!”

“Very interesting to hear what our events actually bring in.”

Next, the group heard from Chad Shreck, CEO of the North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Corporation.

“Chad was very well spoken and did a great job inspiring hope and the need to develop North Iowa.”

“Nice to know what attributes we have to offer as well as what we have working against us in the local market.”

“I agree more information needs to get presented to our students about all the jobs available in all different trades.”

“…exciting to hear what is happening in North Iowa and how we are ranking up with big cities.”

They rounded out the morning with a panel of local community banking professionals speaking on a variety of topics, in addition to taking questions from the class:

Mark Hewitt from Clear Lake Bank & Trust spoke about his experience serving on the board of the Federal Reserve in Chicago.

Terry Anderson from Farmers State Bank covered Commercial & Ag Lending.

WHO from First Citizens Bank talked about what banks are doing to prevent fraud & increase security.

Tim Esbeck from MBT Bank talked about the changes in the banking system & future trends.

“Insightful information on the banking industry as a whole.”

“This was more engaging than I expected.”

“I liked how different topics of banking were discussed. Very educational.”

The class then enjoyed Bennigan’s signature Baked Potato Soup and Club sandwich, along with a presentation by owner Gary Kinseth, from Kinseth Hospitality on their growth and development projects.

“Interesting to hear about all their properties and new projects.”


“Good food and service.”

The group then drove over to the Mason City Municipal Airport where WHO from the Airport Commission and WHO from Operations gave a presentation.

“I didn’t know about our local airport and how much it offers.”

“A lot more impressive facility than I previous[ly] thought!”

“Wow! History and current information is so valuable.”

The class then received a personal tour of the airport from David Sims. They got to go behind the fences and see how everything operates, and view both a private hangar and the North Iowa Air Service Hangar.

“Very informative. I’m more likely to use and recommend the airport to customers.”

“Hanger tour(s) very cool.”

“Great job of explaining things.”


Lake Leadership member Aimee Kern of Clear Lake Bank & Trust enjoying her plane ride!

The group ended the day on a very high note: Airplane rides! Andy Meyer, Bergland + Cram (and a member of our very first Lake Leadership Class) gave rides in his plane.


“Excellent opportunity.”

“Awesome, loved seeing the lake from the air.”

“I wish I could do it all day! Amazing.”

Coming up in November: Education Day!

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