Come Sail Away… with a masterpiece!

Come Sail Away… with a masterpiece!



This can be a scary word for some people.  They either don’t appreciate it, or don’t understand it.  Or maybe it’s just something completely unfamiliar to them.

And that’s okay!!!  Nobody is going to check your credentials at the entrance to see if you’re cultured enough to attend this event.  Nobody will judge you if you ask questions, whether you’re there to buy or just browse.

The Art Center has brought in over seventy-five juried artists to showcase and sell their masterpieces this Saturday at City Park.  The event begins at 9am and will be open until 4pm.  It’s a day to drink in the culture, to celebrate the facet of humanity that has brought “order out of chaos.”

It’s art.

Beautiful, colorful, and sometimes confusing.  But you don’t have to understand art to appreciate it.  Heck, I have no clue what I’m looking at half the time.  I just know what I like.  I know what would look beautiful in that perfect spot inside my house, or what would make a fabulous Christmas gift for a loved one.

And speaking of Christmas… how about a Clear Lake Christmas ornament?

See what I just did there?  Sneaky, right?

The Clear Lake Area Chamber will have numerous items for sale in their tent on Saturday, including a variety of Clear Lake Christmas ornaments reduced in price just for you!  It’s like Christmas in July… and they are only $10 each or two for $18.

It’s the perfect stocking stuffer!!

Best sales pitch ever!  Totally nailed it.

It’s supposed to be another gorgeous day at the lake.  Soak up some culture, broaden those horizons, and let your senses come to life as you stroll through City Park this Saturday.

Trust me, if it’s an event you’ve never been to before, you don’t want to miss is.


**Below is my shameless plug for the ornaments we will have available on Saturday**

2003- Bayside

2004- Princess

2005- Lake Shore Hotel

2006- Original Surf

2008- Barrel

2009- Fire Museum

2010- Sunset School

2011- All Vets Memorial Golf

2012- Christmas by the lake

2013- Bakery

2014- Library

Also – you can get Harvest Festival wine glasses TWO for only $5 while supplies last.

**Disclaimer - these glasses are empty.  You must fill them with wine on your own**

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