Choose the Holiday Preview over Procrastination!

Choose the Holiday Preview over Procrastination!



Every year I make the same plan, have the same grand idea or scheme that my Christmas preparation and shopping will be done by the beginning of December.

And every year, disappointment prevails.

You’d think I would learn, really.  At some point between now and Christmas, I’ll be about in tears trying to get my house decorated, shop for gifts, get a decent photo taken so I can send Christmas cards to all my friends and family that screams, “Look how well put together we are!!”

And it’s totally my fault.  This holiday occurs every year on the same day… December 25th.  It never changes.  I mean, some stores have their Holiday decorations on the shelves already before Halloween.  It’s solely my own procrastination that causes all the extra stress and anxiety year after year.

Well not this year, folks!

HA!!  Famous last words… right?

The reason for my confidence is because I’m planning to attend the Holiday Preview in Clear Lake!  This event was started by a handful of downtown businesses.  It’s main purpose and objective was to stay open ‘after hours’ one night well before the holidays so that patrons can purchase their decorations and gifts well in advance.

This year… that night will be Thursday, November 9th.   Mark your calendar or set a reminder in your smart phone, because you won’t want to miss this festive evening filled with lights, music and food.

At the Clear Lake Arts Center, the first 50 people in the door will receive a Secret Envelope with one of five prizes inside.  They’ll also have their eight foot Christmas tree on display, featuring hand-made ornaments from artists for sale.  I imagine these items will literally fly off the tree, so be sure to get there early.  They’ll also have the official tree lighting that evening as well.

My strategy is to stroll up and down Main Street, ducking into each and every store along the way in hopes to get a jump on my Christmas shopping.  Another big stop for me will be inside the Red Geranium, because I love to fill my house with beautiful decorations during the Christmas season, and beauty is the epitome of the Red Geranium!

Don’t be like the old Rachel.  Be like the new me; the organized, holiday-prepared me that will get to bask in the bright, shiny glory of a fabulous Christmas because of all my preparations.

See you downtown on November 9th!

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