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Lake Time Brewery has gone Ka-Boom!

  BY: RACHEL SMITH It’s the only word I can think of to describe it, Ka-Boom!  Maybe not the greatest, most descriptive word choice, but it truly encompasses the entire realm that is Lake Time Brewery. So what’s been going on in the world of craft beer, you may wonder?  Well, let me fill y’all in. First off, the...
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The Great Outdoors. Get up – Get out – Get moving!

photocredit: thewalkingtourists.com BY: RACHEL SMITH **Original Article Published in the Award-Winning Visitor Guide** Have you ever sat on a boat in the center of Clear Lake and looked around?  The sight is surely one to behold; colors bleed from every angle as the beauty cocoons you into peaceful oblivion.  Lush trees sway in the gentle breeze.  Wooden docks...
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Easter Rundown

  BY: RACHEL SMITH   Easter is fast approaching.  So fast, actually, it’s hard to believe it’ll be here in just a few days! Here’s a recap of a few fun Easter festivities your family may want to partake in this weekend.
  1. The Clear Lake Jaycees will hold their annual Easter Egg Hunt in Clear Lake City Park on...
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Unique Eats!

BY: RACHEL SMITH **originally written and published in the Clear Lake Visitor Guide** Truth be told, whether you’re spending a week in paradise or live here full time, meal-time can become a bit monotonous.  Day in and day out, we seem to eat the same meals over and over and over.  Summertime does give us a...
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