photocredit: Above Clear Lake


Have you ever been up in an airplane, looking down at the patchwork design of the Midwest?  Tiny towns dot the landscape, seeming even smaller from up above.  Rivers wind through the countryside, flowing into lakes that appear to be the size of a puddle.  It’s a different view of life as we know it.  An altered perspective.  Catching the scene from a bird’s eye view.

The new book, Above Clear Lake, captures the essence of our town from this perspective.

Tom Gustafson has been taking photos from above from quite some time.  With several other published works of Okoboji, Positano and Amalfi Coast, Maui and Lane Minnetonka, Clear Lake seemed like a good fit.  After a bit of pushing from his fraternity brother, Chad Sheridan, the project was off and running.

With Tom taking the photos and Chad writing captions, the book quickly became a big hit for residents and the many vacationers of Clear Lake.  Seeing the place they love so dearly from up above is an incredible experience, and really highlights the fabulous aspects of our little lake town.

Tom was one of the very first FAA licensed drone pilots in the United States.  He used to be a private pilot, and always enjoyed taking photographs.  “When the invention of drones came along, I knew it was meant for me,” he stated.  Tom began casually sharing his photos on Facebook, garnering attention and praise from his supportive followers.  Soon, he decided to create the books.  He describes the whole ordeal as a “happy accident” that he now gets to travel and create books for others to enjoy.

While Tom is the man behind the camera (or drone, in this case), it was the persistence and perseverance of Chad Sheridan who chose Clear Lake for the project.  He thought he was simply having his buddy take a few pictures to show to his friends and family, when Tom asked him to join the project and create Above Clear Lake.

Chad, a 1988 graduate of Clear Lake, was thrilled.  “When Tom asked me to join the project it became a way to give back to the community that had given me so much over the years,” he said.  Chad sorted through the many photos taken by Tom, choosing only the best to include in the final draft.

So where can you get a copy of this fabulous masterpiece?  Well, you’re in luck!  Weathered Elements and Lake Lifestyles currently carry copies of the book.  Or you can order directly from their website.

Above Clear Lake features photos from some of our favorite social events of each season; Color the Wind Kite Festival, TRI Clear Lake, and Paddlefest.  Coupled with the many pictures of boaters, the Surf Ballroom, the change of seasons as the foliage turns color around the lake, and the frozen tundra as people jump into the freezing water during the Polar Plunge, it’s the makings of one remarkable book!

Above Clear Lake encapsulates the incredibly amazing parts of Clear Lake all into one little package.

Grab your copy today!

And congrats to Tom and Chad, on creating something for all those who love Clear Lake to enjoy.

See ya at the Lake – or in this case, above it!