Thursdays on Main event to help Kids & Families in Need


There are not many activities less enjoyable in life than shopping for school supplies.  I mean, it’s supposed to be fun and exciting.  Parents everywhere should be rejoicing, right?


It’s awful.  Typically stationed in small areas within the store filled with screaming, unruly children, frazzled parents attempt to follow a random list of items as their children whine about wanting this or wanting that.  It’s loud.  It’s hot.  And I dread it every single year.

And why does the school ask for a package of 10 pencils when the store only sells them in packages of 8? 


For a lot of people, back to school means a new pair of squeaky-clean shoes, new clothes, fresh notebooks, and a fancy new backpack.  But for others, back to school isn’t such a thrilling time.

Imagine – just for a second – a child with a few random items found in their home haphazardly thrown into a plastic sack.  For them, the first day of school is more anxiety than excitement, wondering if they’ll get made fun of for their worn-out shoes and lack of supplies.

Back to School Night during Thursdays on Main is all about making sure NO kids in our district have to endure this stress.   It’s our chance to not only celebrate the start of a new school year, but the chance to give back and help those who need it.

Here’s how you can help:

In front of the VFW, there will be a table where you can drop off school supplies.  Incidentally, if you are unable to make it uptown on this night, donations can be made at any time at the Chamber office on Main Ave.   All proceeds, whether supplies or monetary, will go to Kids and Families in Need at Clear Lake Schools.

Items needed are:  Plastic sheet protectors * 5-pocket accordion folders * Black Expo Markers * Black Sharpies * Unlined drawing/sketch books (at least 8×10) * Wide-Riled Notebooks * Headphones * Kleenex boxes * Wide-Ruled Composition Notebooks * Small pocket calculators * Gym shoes sizes Child 12 through Youth 7 * 8-count watercolor paint.

And while you’re dropping off supplies on Thursday, be sure to stop by and DUNK a teacher, administrator, or coach!  They will be taking turns in the dunk tank right outside the VFW as well.  This is a GREAT chance for kids to get a little revenge for all that homework over the years!

I know I say it every year, but it doesn’t seem possible we are to this point in the summer already.  I mean, one minute we are basking in the awesomeness of summertime, celebrating the 4th of July and enjoying lazy days on the beach.  And then, out of nowhere, the start of school has seemed to creep up on us.

Thursdays on Main has been such an incredible experience week after week this season.  The crowds coming out to enjoy live music, food, drinks, and vendors have been astronomical.  If you haven’t had the chance to partake in this incredible event, make sure you get up to Main Avenue on August 18th and have all the fun you possibly can.

Remember how I always say you need to fill your tank?

Well, this is it.

It’s time to fill it up.

Fill it right to the top with the last bit of summer fun.  Load it up to help you through the crazy hustle and bustle of school activities and homework and schedules.  Pack in enough memories of strolling the streets on a warm summer night and sunsets over the water to last you until next June.

And help Kids and Families in Need while you’re at it!