Make a SPLASH at the Lake!


In the month of December, we highlighted the “12 Perks of Membership” as a parody of sorts to the famous holiday countdown “12 Days of Christmas.”  While each perk is important and special in its own way, today we’re going to focus on Sponsorship Opportunities for Chamber Members.

We all know Clear Lake is a special community, but what many might not realize is the hidden potential for the professional opportunity behind our fun activities and events.  Being a Chamber Member, businesses, organizations, and even individuals can sponsor any or all the many events held throughout the year, filtering their name into the region as a supporter of growth, an encourager of economic development, and a partner within their community.

By becoming a sponsor, it shows you believe in the local Chamber to put on the best possible event, bringing visitors to our area from across the Midwest and beyond.  It gets your logo on a variety of marketing materials, increases brand awareness and emphasizes name recognition throughout North Iowa.

And you know what?  It’s just a plain old good thing to do.

For a business, sponsorship of these events has a positive effect; being invested not only in boosting the local economy, but in the people who live here.  So many of these small business owners are our neighbors and friends, and they depend on the influx of tourists to keep their dream alive.  It’s a collaborative effort between community members, businesses, and the Chamber team to ensure Clear Lake is the premier Midwest vacation destination by hosting our signature events year after year.

So, how can you get involved?

We’ve created this handy-dandy sponsorship booklet to streamline your options.  Simply go to and flip through the pages to learn about the various ways you can become a part of Clear Lake’s lasting legacy of quality events!  And honestly, the possibilities are seemingly endless!  Whether you’re a small business just getting started, or an established, larger company in the community – there is a sponsorship available just for you.

The best part of sponsorship opportunities is you can choose where to apply your funds based on your likes and/or hobbies.  Does your business have a large group of avid runners?  Maybe you’d like to sponsor the Earth Day 5k/10K run, the Champagne 5K held before Harvest Fest, or even TRI Clear Lake!

If you bleed the red, white, and blue and live for the taste of a piping hot corn dog on your lips, our 4th of July Extravaganza is second to none and attended by tens of thousands of people each year.

Maybe you strive to make it to the weekend which, by the way, starts on Thursday evenings in the summer when you’re at the Lake.  Well then, being a Thursdays on Main sponsor is the perfect fit for you.

Not only do these signature events pull in a slew of tourists, but they also have a big draw for the locals, and folks living in surrounding communities.  In a nutshell – people simply flock to Clear Lake from all over!

So, as you plan your 2022 year of spending, I encourage you to keep the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce in mind when doling out marketing dollars.  Invest in your community and these incredible events.

Make a SPLASH and invest in Clear Lake.