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If I Only Had a Brain….

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BY: RACHEL SMITH   Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire existence, the origin of that popular phrase should be easy to identify.  I mean, it’s a line from pretty much the all-time best movie in cinema history! That’s not an actual fact… but Wikipedia does agree with my opinion. The musical fantasy film...
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Destination Clear Lake 2018 Edition

Chamber Members: Don’t miss your chance!  The Official Clear Lake Visitor Guide is a full color, glossy magazine consisting of page after page about all things Clear Lake.  Jam-packed with inspiring content, fresh feature articles, trip ideas and local picks, you don’t want to miss being a part of such an amazing feature.  We pride...
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The Long and Winding Road

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH The pathway to success is rarely a straight shot to the finish line.  Instead, it’s similar to a winding country road, full of challenges and obstacles as you travel along its path.  Getting to the top, reaching that glorified goal of “success” is something many people spend their entire life trying to...
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When All Else Fails… Drink Wine!

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH Well, folks, it’s finally that time.  Time for the big bad blog post about the very heart and soul of Harvest Festival. It’s time to talk wine. I began today's blog journey with a little research on the eleven fabulous wine stations.  It’s almost hard to believe these extraordinary places are located throughout Iowa. ...
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