Monthly Archives: September 2017

I Had the Greatest Idea for a Blog Post…..

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH … and then, the internet totally ruined it for me.  LOL. So yesterday afternoon I was on my daily walk and it was hot.  Holy cow, was it hot.  I’m talking like the type of hot where it’s actually hard to pull in a full breath because you just feel heat all the...
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We’ve got Spirit, yes we do. We’ve got Spirit, how ‘bout you?

photo credit: BY: RACHEL SMITH Okay, so it’s the cheer as old as time.  Don’t tell me you were never once a scrawny, awkward high school kid shouting the title to this post at your rival school from the bleachers during the big game. And maybe it’s the corniest title for what I’m about to write about,...
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On the Street Where I Live

BY: RACHEL SMITH Sometimes when the seasons change, I tend to get a bit sentimental.  Nostalgia kicks in and I begin to realize yet another year has passed.  Time is a fickle creature, always moving forward.  It doesn’t matter if we want it to slow down or speed up, it just continues.  Steady.  Consistent. So bear with...
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