Speak up, North Iowa!  Now is your chance.

Speak up, North Iowa!  Now is your chance.

By: Rachel Smith

The great Japanese poet, Ryunosuke Satoro once said, “Individually, we are one drop.  Together, we are an ocean.”

The time has come, North Iowa, to band together for the greater good of the area.  To join forces, put our heads together, and help make our little slice of Heaven in Iowa a better place.

Vision North Iowa is a newly formed initiative to create a strategy for regional economic growth and prosperity.  TIP Strategies, a company based out of both Austin and Seattle, has been engaged to guide the project.  The North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Mason City Chamber of Commerce, Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and several community partners are collaborating in the effort.

But what they need… is YOU.  YOUR input.  YOUR voice needs to be heard.  This is your chance to speak up and share those ideas you’ve had for our community and area.  The committee needs to hear a wide variety of opinions in order to find the best strategic plan for North Iowa.  For years, I’ve heard parents grumble about the activities and businesses they wished were in this area.  But this is not only an opportunity for what we can do to BRING people to North Iowa, but what can we do to KEEP people in North Iowa.

So what is it that you want?  What do you think North Iowa needs?  Think it over.  Take a quiet moment out of your day and really consider about what would be best for North Iowa as a whole community unit.  What would make us stand out?

The EDC will host four community workshops to gain a better understanding from the community.  An initiative like this takes a substantial amount of time to research, plan and execute.  The first step is listening to community members.  Don’t miss your opportunity to not only voice your opinion, but be a part of this amazing opportunity for our area.   Input received during the workshops will be used to guide development of the Vision North Iowa economic development strategic plan.

The Clear Lake workshops will be held at The Surf Ballroom on Tuesday, June 13th from Noon – 2pm, or 6-8pm.  If you cannot make either of these, please join at The Main Event in Mason City on June 14th from Noon-2pm or 6-8pm.  Each workshop limited to 100 people each, and you must register in advance.

To register, go to www.visionnorthiowa.com.


Photo: Julie Pals

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