National Beer Day

National Beer Day

National Beer Day

BY: RACHEL SMITH (photo Lake Time Brewery)

My fellow Clear Lake citizens, I feel it is my humble duty to inform you that the people inside the internet have done something incredible.  Something so amazing it should probably be considered the type of holiday where banks and other government offices close.

A kind of day that should be celebrated in all it’s wonderful glory.

National Beer Day.

Let’s have a short moment of silence in honor of all the beer.

Now… we are lucky, even privileged if I might add, that we have so many fine establishments in our community where you can go today and celebrate.  But the crème de la crème in the world of beer for Clear Lake is the fact that we house one of the best microbreweries around.

Heck… maybe in the state.  No… the COUNTRY!

Sorry, got carried away there.  My excitement over this day is almost too much to contain.

Lake Time Brewery came to fruition in June of 2013.  The brain-child of local resident Bob Rolling, who had been tinkering with recipes and the idea of starting a brewery for some time.  Located at 801 Main Avenue in Clear Lake, the brewery has 10 beers on tap at all times.  They are all specialty and season brews, crafted specifically for the customers and served in an inviting, cozy atmosphere.

In 2016, Lake Time expanded its brewing capacity with a 15-barrel production facility.  Before this addition, the tap room was only open 3 days each week.  They could only be open that often to accommodate the demand for their beer.  Well, those days are long gone.  With the mass-production capabilities and extra storage to house kegs, Bob should never have to worry about running out of beer.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

In fact, the higher quantity of production allows him to distribute to a variety of bars and restaurants, and with the ‘Crowler’ cans, you can get Lake Time Beer in grocery stores all across the state.

While the favorites of many local beer enthusiasts seem to be the Peanut Butter Porter and the Oreo Speedwagon, my personal beer of choice is the Main Squeeze.  Infused with a hint of lemon, it tastes like a little slice of summer.  There’s also the Lake Lap, a citra pale ale, for those who enjoy that hoppy flavor, or try the Cabana Boy, a blueberry cream ale.  They even have a beer called the Sandy Bottom.

There’s not really sand in it, just FYI.

These are just a few of the many beers brewed at Lake Time.  One thing is for sure… there’s something for every kind of beer lover at Lake Time Brewery!  And be sure to stop in at 5pm on Friday’s for the Firkin Friday.  It’s a small, five-gallon special brew they tap right up at the bar for your enjoyment.  The Firkin is usually when things get a little weird around the brewery.  For example, this week it’s Dragon Fruit Lake Lap.  Yum!

Cheers, Clear Lakers!  I hope you get enjoy a cold one to celebrate National Beer Day!

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