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The Invasion is Coming… Labor Day Weekend!

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH   You’ve heard me talk about it before.  About the music, the laid-back attitudes, the tribe of island-loving performers that have their sights set on the Surf Ballroom. But do you REALLY know what to expect Labor Day weekend when the Parrotheads invade Clear Lake? You guys… they have so many things planned.  So many...
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What’s up in the World of Water?

  BY: RACHEL SMITH   Normally at this time of the year, our thoughts have drifted from the cold, frozen depths of winter into warm, sunny visions of open water and green grass.  Mother Nature has been a fickle little creature lately, taunting us with a few days of decent, snow-melting weather this week before she wallops us...
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Vote YES in the Special Election!

Vote YES in the Special Election!!! BY: RACHEL SMITH (photo credit: I’m not gonna lie… I am not always up to date on the political happenings of my area.  There tends to be issues that just aren’t as publicized as others, and when you’re not sure what you’re voting for or against the consensus is usually...
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