It seems like a bit of a difficult concept to grasp, given the high heat and stifling humidity have plummeted us into what feels like the seventh circle of Satan’s lair.  Still, the fact remains…

… Harvest Festival is just around the corner!

It’s time to start planning, friends.  Have Siri set a reminder on your phone.  Enter the event into your Alexa calendar.  Write it in your spiral-bound planner.

However you choose to keep track of the event, get it down and block off the entire day on Saturday, October 2nd.

All of it.

Every single minute.

Because it’s going to be fun and shopping and wine-tasting and live music all day long… well, officially from 9am-4pm.  And trust me when I say… you DO NOT want to miss any of the excitement this year.

There are a lot of new faces on the Harvest Festival committee in 2021, and they are bound and determined to ensure they make a splash on their first event.  Last year, it was all about the survival guide.  We were just so thankful to be outside doing something with other humans, I would have been happy with a can of SPAM in my goodie bag!

This year, it’s about the flash and pizzazz.  Not really a ‘comeback’ since we were able to hold this event last year, but more of a celebration.  Capping off a terrific summer and embracing the return of sweaters and boots to ring in another fabulous fall season at the Lake!

If you’ve never been to Harvest Festival before, this is your year!  Just for fun, I decided the look up the importance of having girls’ night (or day, in this case) out, and Google gave me the best answer I could have ever hoped for.

Not only does a “just because” girls’ night out with the ladies improve your mood, but it also reduces stress levels by elevating your levels of oxytocin and producing feelings of bliss. And thanks to the stress-reducing abilities of girl time together, friendships between women also decrease a woman’s risk of death.

Death, people.  It decreases a woman’s risk of death.

Pretty sure that should be the final nail in the coffin (no pun intended) on whether or not to get your souvenir bag purchased.  It seems to be imperative to the overall health and wellness for women everywhere to get together, shop, enjoy live music, and taste delicious wines.  And in today’s day and age, the importance of our mental well-being is on the forefront.

You deserve a day out, amongst the others of your kind who ALSO enjoy all the fabulous things at Harvest Festival.

And so, go forth, my friends.  Plan the ultimate girls’ day!

Both VIP and general admission passes for this spectacular day of fun go on sale on Sunday, August 1st.  They can be purchased online HERE.  There are only 150 VIP available, so get them while you can!