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Ice, Ice, Baby!

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay BY: RACHEL WUMKES We are almost halfway through the frigid month of February.  Hallelujah!  This past week has been a doozy at the Lake.  In all of North Iowa, really.  I understand the bitter chill of winter can be brutal given where we live and all, but we need a bit of a...
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Hello, February!

BY: RACHEL WUMKES Well, we’ve made it to month #2 for the year.  After January seemed to drag on for an endless eternity, I’m thankful we’ve finally made it to the month of love. **high fives all around** I got to thinking about the actual month of February this morning, and what a funny little bugger it is. ...
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Winter at the Lake… Definitely not boring!

photocredit: misskatecuttables.com BY: RACHEL SMITH After last weekend, with the influx of Rock ‘n Roll enthusiasts from around the World, I thought maybe there would be a lull of activity around town.  Restaurants could catch their breath after the overload of customers.  Streets would clear and traffic would subside. I thought completely wrong. In just a few days, our...
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Anglers invade Clear Lake!!

photocredit: Yellow Bass Bonanza BY: RACHEL SMITH  

Early to Bed.

Early to Rise.

Fish all Day.

Tell big Lies.

  Clear Lake will be invaded this weekend.  Fisherman, looking to win the big bucks and incredible prizes, will soon pull into town in droves.  With their shacks, their poles, their fancy gadgets and gizmos,...
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