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Hello Sunshine

photocredit: foamite.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Is this it?  Is it finally happening?  I mean, my weather app says so, but a tiny part of me is having trouble trusting it. Could summer finally be here? As I checked the forecast at the beginning of this week, that old Conway Twitty song began to float through my head.  Not even...
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Summer, Summer, Summertime

photocredit: dirtyandthirty.com BY: RACHEL SMITH   I know, I know.  I’ve jumped the gun just a bit.  But with the nicer temps and the fact that I can see green grass in my yard instead of piles of dirty snow, my brain can’t help but think of all the fun coming down the pipe.  Honestly, I don’t know...
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Get Up… Get Out… Get Moving!!!

BY: RACHEL SMITH   When my children were little, one of their favorite things to do was go to the park.  My daughter could sit in a swing for hours while I pushed her and we sang songs.  Now that they’re a little older, our park activities have changed to playing catch with friends or participating in...
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