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Main Street Facelift

photocredit: workdayminnesota.org BY: RACHEL SMITH Change is good.  The perpetual ebb and flow of life, shaking things up and preventing one from becoming stagnant in life.  Some people struggle with change, tending to lean more toward the constants in life.  Keeping things always the same is their security blanket, wrapping them in the knowledge that all will...
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Unique Eats!

BY: RACHEL SMITH **originally written and published in the Clear Lake Visitor Guide** Truth be told, whether you’re spending a week in paradise or live here full time, meal-time can become a bit monotonous.  Day in and day out, we seem to eat the same meals over and over and over.  Summertime does give us a...
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Beauty in Photos

photocredit: dailydot.com BY: RACHEL SMITH   I have never been great at taking pictures.  And not just because I wasn’t born with that creative gene to capture an amazing shot, but because I’m usually the one who forgets to pull out my camera and take the picture in the first place! So when we were asked to take over...
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