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National Send a Card to a Friend Day

photocredit: www.awarenessdays.com BY: RACHEL SMITH   For decades, people have used greeting cards to say the things they wanted to say, but couldn’t.  To cheer up the sick and grieving, to celebrate happy milestones in one’s life, or maybe just to say ‘Hey, I’m thinking about you!’ I have friends all over the country.  Old friends, new friends, high...
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Choose the Holiday Preview over Procrastination!

photocredit: lisasuttora.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Every year I make the same plan, have the same grand idea or scheme that my Christmas preparation and shopping will be done by the beginning of December. And every year, disappointment prevails. You’d think I would learn, really.  At some point between now and Christmas, I’ll be about in tears trying to get...
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You can Shop til you Drop

photocredit: hayesmansion.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Yes, yes, it’s another post about Harvest Festival today.  But seriously, it’s such an amazing event in Clear Lake that it’s deserving of so many posts. So we’ve covered the bands, the Iowa Distilling Company, the amazing prizes, the spectacular gift certificates.  But we haven’t yet touched on the many vendors that set...
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