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Unique Eats!

BY: RACHEL SMITH **originally written and published in the Clear Lake Visitor Guide** Truth be told, whether you’re spending a week in paradise or live here full time, meal-time can become a bit monotonous.  Day in and day out, we seem to eat the same meals over and over and over.  Summertime does give us a...
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Toot! Toot!

photocredit: articulatepersuasion.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Merriam Webster defines the term ‘tooting one’s own horn’ as: To talk about oneself or one’s achievements especially in a way that shows pride or too much pride. Often times, it’s a bit frowned upon; being overly boastful and such. But I don’t care. That’s right!  I said it! Clear Lake has had some INCREDIBLE local achievements...
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