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What’s up in the World of Water?

  BY: RACHEL SMITH   Normally at this time of the year, our thoughts have drifted from the cold, frozen depths of winter into warm, sunny visions of open water and green grass.  Mother Nature has been a fickle little creature lately, taunting us with a few days of decent, snow-melting weather this week before she wallops us...
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Anglers invade Clear Lake!!

photocredit: Yellow Bass Bonanza BY: RACHEL SMITH  

Early to Bed.

Early to Rise.

Fish all Day.

Tell big Lies.

  Clear Lake will be invaded this weekend.  Fisherman, looking to win the big bucks and incredible prizes, will soon pull into town in droves.  With their shacks, their poles, their fancy gadgets and gizmos,...
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A Hard-Water Angler’s Dream Come True

photocredit: militaryhuntingandfishing.com BY: RACHEL SMITH   Finally, there’s ice!  It seems to be a little late in the year, but the dropping temps at night have given the lake a chance to firm up.  And the ice fishermen in the area are like kids in a candy store. Ice fishing...
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