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Sliding on through February

BY: RACHEL SMITH As the fog has begun to lift on my 5-day bout with the dreaded Influenza, I finally sat down at my desk this morning with my planner to get organized and put back together.  That flu, you guys, I swear it’s made from the blood and sweat of Lucifer himself.  It’s miserable and...
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Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

photocredit: discovernorthiowa.com BY: RACHEL SMITH I think every child has the same crafty idea at some point; cut a diamond shape out of construction paper, glue a piece a string to one end and take it outside on a windy day. As a kid, this seemed like the best idea ever. Now, I don’t know about you… but these...
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Bears Hibernate In the Winter… Clear Lakers Do Not!

photocredit:  miskatecutables.com BY: RACHEL SMITH I get it, I really do.  Clear Lake is a tourist lake town.  Thus, a vast number of people think we become a desolate shell of the thriving, summer version of ourselves during the winter. Seems logical.  I mean, it's simple… the lake is our main attraction and during the winter it’s frozen. ...
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