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A Day to Remember

Image by Brandi Day from Pixabay BY: RACHEL WUMKES As we wrap up another great, albeit soggy, week at the Lake, it seems my normal Feel Good Friday post has fallen on Patriot Day.  It is on today, that we remember the attacks of September 11th and all the lives that...
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A National Day of Deliciousness

photocredit:  cooksillustrated.com BY: RACHEL SMITH They’re called by many names.  They’re eaten daily across the Country, typically to get folks started on the right foot in the morning.  They can be smothered in jam, peanut butter, whip cream & sprinkles, chocolate chips, butter & syrup, and even meat. Today is a National Holiday – and I use that...
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Never Forget

photocredit: Colleen Snyder BY: RACHEL SMITH It’s a date that sticks in the minds of all Americans.  A date that, up until 2001, probably meant nothing to most people, but for the past 17 years, it’s been a date of remembrance in our great Country.  A date of mourning the loss of almost 3000 souls, all because...
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