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Champions of Business

photocredit: refreshleadership.com BY: RACHEL WUMKES The rat race of life is often monotonous.  Get up, go to work, come home, and go to bed.  It’s an endless loop, like an old vinyl spinning around and around and around on the record player.  Sometimes you like the song, sometimes it gets tedious and repetitive, leaving you aching for...
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There really IS an app for everything!

photocredit: www.macmixing.com BY: RACHEL SMITH Today is National App Day.  Seems like an odd thing to ‘celebrate’ if you ask me.  I was just excited that it coincided with the release of the new mobile banking and app for Chamber Member, Clear Lake Bank & Trust and giving me something to write about today! Coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe not. Either...
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Gift Local with Chamber Bucks

Show your support for Clear Lake by choosing to Gift Local this year! In addition to purchasing gifts directly from retailers, consider purchasing Clear Lake Chamber Bucks for your family, friends, and even employees this holiday giving season. Clear Lake Bank and Trust recently purchased $13,000.00 worth of Chamber Bucks for their employees, and Super 8 Clear Lake...
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