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It’s a Garden Fiesta!

photocredit: amazon.com BY: RACHEL WUMKES On Sunday, August 18th, you’ll find something incredible happening in Central Gardens.  A unique blend of history and celebration for a culture several of us know little about. It’s the 2nd Annual Garden Fiesta!  As many people in North Iowa have Latino roots, it is important to come together to celebrate and learn...
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Summer, Summer, Summertime

photocredit: dirtyandthirty.com BY: RACHEL SMITH   I know, I know.  I’ve jumped the gun just a bit.  But with the nicer temps and the fact that I can see green grass in my yard instead of piles of dirty snow, my brain can’t help but think of all the fun coming down the pipe.  Honestly, I don’t know...
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If I Only Had a Brain….

photo credit:  www.clipart.com
BY: RACHEL SMITH   Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire existence, the origin of that popular phrase should be easy to identify.  I mean, it’s a line from pretty much the all-time best movie in cinema history! That’s not an actual fact… but Wikipedia does agree with my opinion. The musical fantasy film...
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