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Camping Tips

By: Jody Halsted, FamilyRambling.com Ready to plan your family’s camping adventure? A few handy tips:
  • Check your bedding. An inexpensive ‘egg crate’ mattress cover can make a thin mattress or air mattress much more comfortable.
  • Bring outdoor lighting. Solar powered ground stakes are easy and inexpensive or make your items multi-task and attach a head lamp to...
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Plan a Multigenerational Camping Vacation in Clear Lake

By: Jody Halsted, FamilyRambling.com Gone are the days of visits to Grandma & Grandpa’s house – the new family get together involves active getaways! And there is no better large group activity than camping! Camping offers the best variety of everything – lodging, activities, even dining! And the best part about camping is that it is...
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