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Sometimes I wonder where all of these ‘National Days’ come from.  Did someone just get fed up one day and decide to make it a National Holiday in their favor?

Take, for instance, today…

National Men Make Dinner Day.

It’s a novel concept, really.  A chance for the women of the house to have a break.  To sit back and relax and let the man of the house take over making supper.

Yet, as I began to dig deeper into this holiday, it seems there are a plethora of rules that go along with the event.  No leftovers.  No sandwiches.  No grilling allowed.  The man must find a recipe, do all the prep work, cook, set the table, and then clean up.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I see red flags all over this guaranteed disaster.  I imagine piles of dishes lining the sink and countertops.  Splatters of food all over my cupboards and the floor.  Smoke billowing from whatever is burning on the stove.

I’ve begun to sweat already just thinking about it.

And maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the lucky ones where the man of your house already does all the cooking, or at least some of the cooking.  If so – this day is not for you.  No, this day is for all of us who slave away day after day finding quality meals to make for their family and just need a break.

You, my lucky friend?  You’ve found yourself a unicorn.

I suggest you hold on tight to that one and enjoy the helpfulness at mealtime.

As I’ve continued to write this piece, my anxiety as now grown into a full-on pit of dread deep within my stomach.  While it’s too early to break out the wine, maybe this whole “men cook” concept isn’t such a good idea for my house.

Remember the other day when I wrote that blog post about shopping local?  Well folks, today’s the day you can totally cash in on that.  While clearly stated as being “against the rules” of National Men Make Dinner Day, I highly suggest tonight y’all order yourselves some take out from your favorite Clear Lake restaurant.

Let’s see how much we can boost our local economy in just one day!

Skip the mess.  Skip the headache of having the man in your house ask you a thousand questions while they attempt to prepare their meal.

Just skip it all and order out!

Hey, it’s 2020.  Rules are made to be broken – or at least bent – during this trying year.  We’re all just trying to keep our head above water, right?

If you’re not sure what to order, check the Food and Beverage section of our member directory:

It’s loaded with Chamber Members who can hook you up with some grub tonight.

Bon Appetit!